MAMSS/Redpath Open Museum Project (Closed)

Our MAMSS members are leading a collaborative project with the Redpath Museum and students from local universities such as UdeM and ETS to enhance museum experiences by leveraging 3D Technologies and the IoT



We aim to virtualize all artifacts in the Redpath Museum with only volunteers and students from the participating universities. This way we want to give visitors the ability to interact with artifacts, deliver more information on the displayed artifacts and give access to the undisplayed ones.

3D Scanning

We 3D scan our objects using a process called photogrammetry. This 3D scanning process is the most versatile and cheapest way to of 3D scanning artifacts. Briefly, photogrammetry based 3D scanning consists of taking photos of an object from all angles and stitching those photos to create a virtual replica. We are currently doing the whole process manually, but simultaneously are developing an automate. Here is a test from our first prototype. Below some of our 3D scans we made in the Redpath Museum using Autodesk Remake (Now integrated into Recap 360)

Rendered 3D scans