Board of Directors and Adminstration Council

We are dedicated to coordinate all of MAMSS activities and helping our members connect with our industry partners

Bioprinting Team

We aim to create a low cost and open-source bioprinter design to help democratize the field of bioprinting and help reserachers gain access to affordable equipment

3D Printing Design Team

We build 3D printers from the bottom up and represent McGill university in national design competitions

MAMSS/Redpath Open Museum Project

Our MAMSS members are leading a collaborative project with the Redpath Museum and students from local universities such as UdeM and ETS to enhance museum experiences by leveraging 3D Technologies and the IoT


We offer 3D modeling and 3D printing tutorials to begginers and we compete and organize 3D modeling design competitions

3D Printed Hand Prosthetic

We aim to create a custom 3D printed hand prosthetic for Alp

Plastic Recycler

We aim to create a device that will transform plastic into ready to use plastic filaments for FDM 3D printers